About Us


Introducing  Thomas Jay. A luxury lipstick and lip gloss line that is sure to fit every woman's need.  We offer high pigment colors with smooth creamy blends. In addition, our lipsticks are packed with nourishing ingredients such as antioxidant vitamin E and natural vanillin extract that will leave your lips soft and supple. Our lipgloss is super shiny, hi-gloss and ultra light weight. Our products are paraben free, allergy tested, non-comedongenic, allergy-free, and hypo-allergenic.


 We also offer luxury nail polish. Our  low odor chip free , salon-professional formula is toxic- free. It contains no phthalates, formaldehyde or parabens. Our high pigment and high-shine formula will leave your nails stunning!


Women of all ethnicity will be pleased with our amazing product line. The Thomas Jay brand offers a luxury line of products that will emerge  with stunning and vibrant  colors that will rival most others! As we introduce new products  we look forward to moving into the  forefront as a brand that will be remembered! Welcome to Thomas Jay !